So here we are for another edition of Rich on Rails, and we’re at the Severn Valley Railway.

Currently at Bridge North station, waiting for the 11.10 service to arrive from Kidderminster.

Hopefully this is steam.

If we do check the timetable, the first train into Bridge North is actually at 11.10 and that is steam, does not depart until 11.55.

So, gives us plenty of time to get some videos and pictures.

So, let’s see how this day goes.

So here is 7714 approaching Bridge North station.

We should be able to hear it in the background, giving us a little whistle as it approaches.

So for the next few minutes we’re going to hear some audio clips from on board the locomotive as we travel from Bridge North up to Kidderminster.

We are currently departing Bridge North station on our way.

Absolutely fantastic sound of the engine working as we leave the station.

On the journey back now to Bridge North from Kidderminster.

The rain is starting to come in.

So it’s going to be more of a relaxed journey heading back.

But just left Bewdley and heading on to the next station now.

So we’ve made it back to Bridge North.

That’s a rather wet journey.

Heaven seemed to open on the way back there.

But yep, that’s the end of the trip out today.

And this little audio diary I guess.

Thanks for listening.